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Node Data Node Maps CallKeyed Location FreqSingle Node Map LinkConnected nodes
2000 Map WB6NIL N Downtown Los Angeles, CAALBACORE HUB34.051,-118.2
2001 Map WB6NIL N Alhambra, CA445.220-34.077,-118.1
2020 Map KG7QIN N Puyallup, WA Test Node441.90047.177,-122.2
2050 Map W9CR N Tampa, Florida224.280027.948,-82.45T42032,C50000,T41618
27211 Map VE3LSR N Edgar, Ontario442.575+44.532,-79.66
29133 Map VE3LSR N Edgar, Ontario146.850-44.532,-79.66T46060,T29372
29154 Map VE3LSR N Edgar, Ontario147.315+44.532,-79.66
29372 Map VE3ORR N Orillia, ON147.210+44.593,-79.44T29133
29997 Map W0JRL N Denver, Colorado447.175 -39.734,-105.0
41618 Map W9CR N Tampa, Florida443.525-27.948,-82.45T2050
41638 Map KG7QIN N RPi Hub - Puyallup, WA47.177,-122.2
42032 Map W9CR N Tampa, Florida927.050 -2527.948,-82.45T2050
43852 Map KM4NNO/XE1F N Mexico CityEcholink 72150719.383,-99.14
46355 Map XE1TTS Y Tlatelolco MexicoU 433.950 D 146.43019.452,-99.14
50249 Map AP2ARS N IslamabadTx145.985/Rx144.82533.700,72.983T1999,T3362378,T1998
51410 Map KM4NNO/XE1F N Mexico City438.025 MHz +19.383,-99.14T55050,T51467
51467 Map XE1F N Mexico CityTETRA 433.650 MHz19.383,-99.14T51410
527650 Map W0JRL N Denver, Colorado446.17539.756,-105.0
55011 Map XE1GBS N Mexico City146.580 Mhz19.391,-99.16
55050 Map KM4NNO/XE1F N Mexico CityP25Link TG 409519.383,-99.14T51410
55051 Map KM4NNO/XE1F N Mexico CityLink to DMR19.383,-99.14
55052 Map KM4NNO/XE1F N Mexico CityTBD19.383,-99.14
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