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ChannelCTCSSCallsignLocationFirst Heard
2000 Map Bubble ALBACORE HUB WB6NIL Downtown Los Angeles, CA 127D 9H 26M 40S
2001 Map Bubble 445.220- 123.0 WB6NIL Alhambra, CA 127D 8H 56M 39S
2050 Map Bubble 224.2800 146.2 W9CR Tampa, Florida 24D 6H 48M 46S
29372 Map Bubble 147.210+ 156.7 VE3ORR Orillia, ON 35D 23H 38M 3S
29997 Map Bubble 447.175 - 186.2 W0JRL Denver, Colorado 1D 12H 21M 38S
41618 Map Bubble 443.525- 146.2 W9CR Tampa, Florida 24D 6H 48M 46S
41638 Map Bubble KG7QIN RPi Hub - Puyallup, WA 12D 23H 34M 40S
42032 Map Bubble 927.050 -25 D546 W9CR Tampa, Florida 24D 6H 48M 46S
43045 Map Bubble VPS Hub K0RAP Toronto, ON, Canada 6H 58M 38S
46355 Map Bubble U 433.950 D 146.430 103.5 XE1TTS Tlatelolco Mexico 3D 0H 56M 1S
527650 Map Bubble 446.175 141.3 W0JRL Denver, Colorado 7D 17H 53M 54S
53369 Map Bubble Linuxop Hub W9JOM Highland, IN 3H 12M 19S

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